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P.O. Box 492365

Lawrenceville GA 30049

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Tel: 706-705-9210

Office Hours:

7:00am - 7:00pm  (Monday - Friday)

9:00am - 2:00pm  (Saturday)


Appoint Medical Transportation is

a door-to-door, non-emergency medical transportation service Company serving North-central Georgia and adjacent counties. Appoint Medical Transportation operates vehicles to accommodate all types of customers: Mainly Ambulatory, Wheel-chair, and Stretcher needs.  

We service all Medical Appointments.

 • Doctor's Appointments

• Non-Emergency Hospital Visits 

• Hospital Discharge

• Medical Treatment - Dialysis

* Medical Evaluations

• Radiation

• Pulmonary

• Cardiac Rehabilitation 

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or CALL: 706-705-9210

Reliable non-emergency transportation

Making sure that your loved one has reliable transportation to the doctor’s office and other important appointments can be one of a caregiver’s most difficult tasks. Be assured however that AMTS is here to provide all your non-emergency transportation needs.  

Providing on time non-emergency transportation service

We provide non-emergency transportation services to nursing facilities and other medical centers. 


At AMTS we sevice all medical appointments

In the case of non-emergency for personal care for those who need help with daily tasks due to physical infirmities caused by age or cognitive disabilities, AMTS is here to provide all your transportation needs. We are glad to extend our services to the school system.

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We service non-emergency hospital visits

Injured on the job? Can't drive ? AMTS provides reliable non-emergency transportation services to anywhere in Georgia. Though there are some exceptions, workers' compensation covers most job-related injuries. The exact process varies from state-to-state, but workers' compensation aims to help employees get the help they need while settling differences. 


Relax and rest assure, AMTS will take you there and bring you back safely!

Transportation can be a tough issue for many caregiving families. The issue is even more difficult if your loved one has mobility problems. Until you have to arrange it, it doesn’t seem that something as basic as getting your loved one to a doctor’s appointment or shopping center should be so hard. But for most families, it is. Here’s how to begin solving this problem - Call AMTS, we are here 27/7.

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